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It would seem more like a family style dinner than it would eating Thanksgiving food in a restaurant

The day of we'll have family from different parts of New York coming

I will spend Thanksgiving with my family. My own little family. People that I love and like. Liking your family is very important. Don't you think

That really depends on who and what you are serving

Mom's wasn't this fancy; she rarely used a mold and there was pineapple added only occasionally. But you get the idea

If you are lucky enough to have a family and be with them on Thanksgiving or any day, Please be greatful

Well, the US is very diverse, and some people may have religious scruples against celebrating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my preferred vacation

I was born on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving to me is just not very interesting to me anymore

Thanksgiving is a time to set that aside, and be happy about your life

I have had a wonderful time at so many Thanksgivings

More than 43 years later

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

Thanksgiving, that I was 27

On Thanksgiving day, we both got here a little very early to get some things all set