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Well, the US is very diverse, and some people may have religious scruples against celebrating Thanksgiving

Right now, if things had gone as planned, I would be sleeping in my roomette on the Amtrak Sunset Limited, bound for Los Angeles, where I would change trains for the Coast Starlight. I had a ticket to board at 10:02 pm earlier this evening.

In the past, our daughter and her family always came down to the Phoenix area from northern California for Thanksgiving, and my wife and I would go up there for Christmas.

However my wife died last June (not from Covid, but her outcome may have been different if she had been hospitalized-- we didn't want the possibility of her dying alone in the hospital). So it doesn't make a lot of sense for all of them to come down here in the current situation to see me.

As I've written in a another answer, I believe a first-class compartment on Amtrak is the safest way to travel long distance right now. Plus I like trains.

So I had already purchased first-class tickets for both Thanksgiving and Christmas to go and see them. I am fortunate that there are Amtrak long-distance trains that depart and arrive within 30 miles of both of our homes. This gives me a chance to see my brother in norther California as well.

Unfortunately, earlier this week I felt I should cancel my Thanksgiving plans, as a result of the Covid cases spiking in California recently. The state government has asked people to avoid non-essential travel. The day after I cancelled, the CDC also came out and asked people not to travel for Thanksgiving this year. And after that, some counties (including the one I was arriving at) established a curfew.

Because I cancelled less than 14 days before departure, I got dinged a $250 cancellation fee. The rest of my $1010 ticket was refunded as a voucher, good for a year. Knowing this, I'll try to make a decision by December 8 whether to keep my Christmas travel plans or not to avoid the fee.

So I'll be alone for Thanksgiving-- first time ever in my life. I've ordered a take-out Thanksgiving meal from a local restaurant that I'll pick up the day before. I won't be completely alone, thanks to FaceTime. Plus my three kittens that I adopted after my wife died.

Well, the US is very diverse, and some people may have religious scruples against celebrating Thanksgiving. Others may be fairly recent immigrants who have no history of American Thanksgiving.

Many others, including many Native Americans, don't celebrate it because, to them, it symbolizes the beginning of the conquest that decimated them. Think about it. The English settlers were received in peace and given guidance and help, and as soon as the settlers were strong enough, they repaid their kindness by death and destruction, from New England to the west coast.

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