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Sunday's season 11 best of The Walking Dead ended with a surprising move from Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan when he left Lauren Cohan's Maggie to die rather than help pull her on top of a subway auto as zombies were drawing her pull back onto the tracks. (We'll have to wait up until following week to see if she makes it through after his diabolical decision.).

Yet there was perhaps a lot more gasp-inducing minute between the two earlier in the episode. Persuaded that Maggie had actually only brought him down right into the The Walking Dead Negan zombie-infested D.C. city passages to eliminate him, Negan shot back that he would not allow her to put him down like a pet dog "like Glenn was." Considering Negan is the one who placed Maggie's husband down-- slamming his skull in with a barbed-wire covered baseball bat right before her-- it was a crammed comment to say the least.

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What was Cohan's reaction when she first saw the line in the manuscript? "It was revolting," she claims. "When I read that, I thought it was simply worthless for Negan to do that.".

Cohan likewise provides her character credit for not obtaining her nemesis right then as well as there (which may have actually been prudent considering what occurred later). "It's this boiling point, and she's doing every little thing in her power to not give in to the impulse to kill him when he states that, especially after every little thing he does to egg her on as much as that point.".

Both share an interesting dynamic-- while Negan seems trying to play ruffian with a remark like that, Cohan thinks it reveals something else totally. "You can feel Negan's paranoia," she states. "He truly thinks this is what's happening and also we get on this death march where I can get him away from Alexandria's eyes to kill him. He's frightened of that-- and he needs to be due to the fact that she resembles a hair's breadth away from relenting. And also she's got a fricking weapon in her hand and all these people with her that have been with it with each other as well as would certainly do anything for her. He ought to be scared.".

The means Cohan sees it, Negan might have been wishing for Maggie to pull the trigger as a simple (or, at the very least, easier) escape: "He goes to a factor where he can not take the stress of it any longer. It's his requirement to prompt me a lot that I could kill him since he's so f-- ing afraid of being trapped like this is how I justify him claiming it.".

And also, Cohan notes, the actor providing the line acknowledged the weight of it as well. "Jeff did not wish to claim it," says Cohan concerning the actor needing to utter Glenn's [Steven Yeun] name because way. She's absolutely ideal regarding that; Jeffrey Dean Morgan clarified to EW why he was opposed to providing the line, claiming, "I combated it! That's the one line that I promptly called [showrunner Angela Kang] as well as I resembled, 'I can't claim it. I can not f-- ing bring up Glenn's name right here.'".

Yet, as we've discovered, when Negan returns right into an edge, he tends to find out swinging-- bat or no bat. "The episode is about going deeper and much deeper into our very own private hell," Cohan claims. "I love when Maggie claims to Negan earlier [prior to they go into the train passages], 'What, you don't want to decrease there?' As well as it's virtually like, 'I have actually existed. And also I recognize you've probably been there, yet we're going there once more.'".

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