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The last Thanksgiving I recall was ok

Having somewhere to be was better than having nowhere to be. Seems the older I get, Holiday spirit fades. I hate it too. Of course having spent a plethora of time developing this imaginary ideal of what I wish the Holidays to be, may have been the cause of me involuntarily setting a bar. As a result of that, I feel somewhat disappointed in the reality that Thanksgiving isn't what it use to be. Or that it doesn't compare to my imagination.

Come to think of it, maybe the frustration of the vast amount of people who curse at the holidays for not going as smoothly as they would've liked. I can see how that may be an influence in my unfortunate numbness toward the Holidays. I feel Holidays should be a time of optimism. Instead of being happy we get to celebrate another Thanksgiving with family, we bitch and complain about how crowded the store is or, how thick traffic is. There's always some story about how some jerk cut you off in the checkout line. Impatience consumes us to the point we forget what we love most about the Holidays and why we even participate in them in the first place.

Holidays seem to have lost their meaning. That and there are always cultural differences, which makes our optimism for the Holidays depreciate. God forbid we eat a Turkey, for it never fails, someone out there probably worships the "Almighty Gobbler King.".

No, because and I'm guessing you're Canadian our (U.S.) Thanksgiving is typically the last Thursday in November or about 6 weeks away. It is however Columbus day or for those who have lost their enamor with the navigator (who was lost) it's newly minted Indigenous People's Day. However I hope you do enjoy your holiday.

It was acceptable, considering my husband and I are virtually homeless- we're staying at a Red Roof Inn just South of Milwaukee WI. My two cats are not happy, but at least they're with us. I've had better Thanksgivings. The meal we had was filling and I still have a corn muffin, which I saved for today's breakfast.

Before I answer, I would like to say that I sincerely hope everyone out there had a joyous Thanksgiving holiday. My Thanksgiving was great, daughter and Significant Other with Grandkids, Mother-in-Law, Brother-in-Law, and of course my long-suffering with me wife, who is the light of my life. Missing was our son, hope he is o.k. out there. Hoping to do something to help a few people in need with Christmas. God Bless all.

It's Thanksgiving today of year 2017. I am an ordinary internet company guy working at an ordinary Xi'er' qi internet company. Not that I'm not a high-performing employee, or my company is not a promising business. Rest assured that both the company and I are reasonably excellent in our way. It's just that it is Thanksgiving today, and at this northwestern corner of Peking, an area packed with most fast-growing tech moguls in the world, not a shred of nothing gives away a festive vibe.

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