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The boomers were really into halloween in a big way, apparently

However, the generation they gave birth to (gen x) wasn't all that big, so there aren't as many people who can supply the same festiveness as before. Also, the amount of people living paycheck to paycheck has gone up in the last couple decades, and when that happens? There also aren't many people who can just drop $100 or more on seasonal decorations. There are more reasons, but those are 2 of the bigger ones. Smaller generation to take over for the boomers, and lack of extra money. The boomers are retiring and ... and disappearing, and the younger generations aren't in a well off enough place to celebrate at the same magnitude of the boomers. As more millenials, and younger people come of age, and have their own families, things may pick back up. Though it may change by then, in some form.

In some ways, it is already changed quite a bit, with less people going out trick or treating, and just going to community events, because it's safer. Trunk or treats, and churches have taken over a large part of the mantle for halloween, surprisingly, so less people have the desire to go to strangers' houses. In some communities, anyway.

With the loss of so many manufacturing jobs since the 1980s, a lot of the lower middle class, and upper working class have just disappeared, and those were usually the type of people that could be counted on to make the holidays festive, and decorative. Walmart and other retail jobs do not make up for losing a $20-25 an hour job, with as much overtime as you can handle. Even some families who could afford to go all out for decorations, are holding back, because the global economy is shakier than ever. Especially over the last 10 years or so.

I do not know if it be true that there are fewer Halloween decorations, but I can guess why it might seem so. When my neighbors and I were young, the street boasted many seasonal decorations. As the neighborhood gentrified-- a euphemism for "we all got old"-- the decorations grew fewer. It was just too hard to climb ladders and hang roping. Now that many of my neighbors have passed away, and younger families with children have moved in, the decorations have come back.

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