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That's why Thanksgiving celebrations and re-enactnents I experienced as a child always included Native Americans

 We were at my cousin house and someone brought some kind of drink and my brother drank it all and got really drunk in front of little kids and my sister started to cry. He was banging on the table saying really crude things about women and he was really obnoxious until my nephew threw him out of the house.

I went to basic in late October. So I was fortunate enough to spend; Thanksgiving, Xmas & New Years in Boot Camp. We did not go home. * Might have had turkey in the mess ... If this is a concern for you, plan your "sign up" in December ...

I got on the bus to MEPS shortly after noon on Thanksgiving Day. Spent Christmas and New Years in basic training. Christmas was a down day but New Years was a regular duty day.

Upon graduating, got on a bus straight to tech school. After three months completing tech school, I was given the option of going straight to my first duty station or taking leave enroute. That was my first opportunity to go home since Thanksgiving, a total of roughly five months.

I don't celebrate Thanksgiving as I live in the UK. If we give the occasion any thought at all, it's to say thanks for a handful of pesky religious dissidents to leave our shores forever.

Here, we like our turkey in a hot dinner on 25th December and for several days afterwards in various forms such as in sandwiches, cold with salad, curried, in a pie, risotto and so on. I imagine that similar things are done with cold turkey in the USA. Maybe they have some more exciting suggestions.

Two Tilley brothers, their wives and one of the couples daughters survived the voyage.

Many didn't.

The vast majority who survived the voyage did not survive the first winter.

None of the Tilley's survived the first winter except the daughter.

The few survivors only survived because the Native Americans took pity on them and gave them food and taught them to forage, hunt and plant.

They were so thankful to be alive and to have food and for the assistance of the Native American people that they set aside a special day to give thanks to God for their food and their blessings, which included the Native American people.

That's why Thanksgiving celebrations and re-enactnents I experienced as a child always included Native Americans.

It's too bad those later white immigrants couldn't follow the lead of the first pilgrims on the Mayflower and recognize this land as belonging to the Natives, who at first were willing to share and be friends.

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