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Thanksgiving to me is just not very interesting to me anymore

Kindly get it through your heads in the USA. This is an American tradition which Brits do not celebrate and goes virtually unnoticed here in the UK. A few London restaurants might put on a Thanksgiving style menu for the enjoyment of US expats and tourists but outside of London, a lot of people, especially younger ones will look at you blankly if you even mention it.

For those of us who know the historical significance, there will be some (like me) who will feel a measure of disgust at why this event is being commemorated.

This is how I see it. A boatload or two of religious dissident immigrants arrive on a foreign shore, are helped and fed by the indigenous population and in later years, go on to slaughter those same natives and take their land. Why would I want to celebrate that?

We have our own ways to celebrate a good harvest. Those who go to Christian churches (which we do not all do) have Harvest Festivals earlier in the year. Pagans have Lughnasa and the Autumn Equinox but also follow and respect the wheel of the year in all that they do, so ongoing thanks for the bounty of nature is a part of our souls.

Other faiths and cultures have seasonal festivals that mark the time of year and give thanks in their own way.

When I was young, it was a revered but not religious holiday. In school, we learned appropriate songs, we decorated in certain ways.

We dressed up (in some way) and had a formal dinner at home and even invited Boots from Great Lakes Naval Training Center to eat at our home. Some of them were black, which made it interesting. They all appreciated the home made meal, etc. I'm sure they were glad to get out of Great Lakes and, in the early days, sit at table with my hot twin sisters.

We ate the traditional American fare. Turkey and the trimmings. I loved it and ate a lot.

Today, I don't really care about it. I've come to loathe the traditional food. I'm sick of turkey and that food, It's rarely good eating. Anyone can cook it right; nobody can cook it well.

Those I care about are more likely to show up for Christmas. Thanksgiving to me is just not very interesting to me anymore.

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