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Thanksgiving, that I was 27

 You know, this year, I was a tad in the doldrums (only a tad, though) because I was missing the traditional foods of my homeland during this season. Well, God moves in mysterious ways, folks.

The German teacher at the school where I'm teaching approached me a few days back, and said, "Ava, why don't we have a Thanksgiving celebration at the school. Each teacher could bring something. We could make a list." That cheered me up, mightily!

So, as we merrily prepared a list and later with the other teachers, hearts were alit! Yesterday, the chef at the school showed me the turkey - I honestly don't know which was glowing more - me or the turkey, hahaha.

And before we partook of the feast of the honorable turkey bird and other dishes teachers had brought, I was asked to say a few words. I looked around at all the glowing faces and was honestly briefly speechless.

See, right now, folks, wars abound; people are starving; neighbors are fighting; families bickering about who's gon na get grandma's precious china; etc: conceit and unkindness is at an all time high on this planet. BUT ...

Light abounds, as well: and here in that lunchroom, I saw hope. And I thanked them. Thanked them for being good teachers and teaching youth about kindness. (That school truly does.) I thanked the director for opening her heart to international teachers who were missing Thanksgiving. I mentioned how I was thankful for the peace and joy which abides in that school.

And life - oh, yes. Life. My husband lost a friend in the Qamislo, Rojava explosion. I said how we all should be grateful for the gift of another day and another hour.

And for the gift of a chef and his team of assistants who had never celebrated Thanksgiving but had produced a fine feast!

Thanksgiving, that I was 27. I lived in Fl. and my then boyfriend and I had been working all day at a Holiday Festival in Clearwater, Fl. We were musicians. It was sunny but cold and it turned out to be a long windy day.

Afterward we meet with other musicians at a friend's house for dinner. Finally made it home! I was so cold and tired. I decided to put on an old flannel night gown( from Michigan winters) and try to warm up! The BF was on the sofa, reading the paper for the Friday Sales. TV was on too!

He then said," I've been thinking( I said that was nice!) He says that he thought we should get engaged( notice he did not say married)!! I replied, "Oh! That is a good idea!" The whole time he was not looking at me !! He was looking at the paper and the TV!! He then says," There are all these sales tomorrow! Why don't you get up early and go look at Stores A, B, C for rings! Find one or two and then come back and get me !!" I actually went and did it !!!

Stupid me! I was so thrilled! I thought it was the best Thanksgiving ever !! He was really down hill from there!! I did marry him. Big mistake! He felt he had done all the work by sort of asking me to marry him, and he now did not have to do a darn thing else! He lived by that Motto! It barely lasted 8 yrs.

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