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Thanksgiving is my preferred vacation

I love it due to the fact that the party is centered around celebration along with household. It's the one vacation were we take out time-usually 4 days- and take a trip great distances if required to be with relatives. It's a chance to catch up with people and also to share successes as well as commiserate losses. (Simply a side note: people commemorate in different ways. I'm simply covering exactly how I celebrate Thanksgiving with my household.) Thanksgiving is also the beginning of the holiday, where we get ready for completion of this year, and expect the following.

For me, Thanksgiving is kind of a "pre-Christmas" occasion. We drop to my better half's parent's ranch and also have dinner with all her siblings as well as sis as well as their family members. And also we thank the Lord for everything he has provided us. At Xmas, we will essentially do the same thing again including a prayer of thanks. But there will also be presents, church specials and other trips as well. It will be much more hectic. Good thing we have this pre-Christmas Thanksgiving event so we get it right.

Tomorrow I start buying stuff to cook for Thanksgiving. Sales are starting and that is the best time to buy stuff, on sale. I love the cooking and I attend two of them. Family and then friend's house. I make stuffing, appetizers, desserts, cranberry sauce and relish.

I enjoy it very much. It's fun to have the day off from school and work and have the day to myself with family. However, it can be stressful because of all the cooking and meal preparation I have to do. It's fun though. Having the day to myself, eating rich food, and expressing my thanks is what makes Thanksgiving great.

I enjoy it. I am long over the parades and the football stuff that day I could take or leave, but it is fun to be with friends or family and celebrate. And to take maybe just a second or two to give thanks. I've also come to enjoy how more and more people are using this as a time to start recognizing the needs of so many in so many different ways. And, well, yes, I do enjoy the food ... Yes. Food. I am a practicing Hindu, and the vast majority of my friend circle are both Hindu AND not American, so we don't have any deep cultural ties to it ... but we love the excuse to get together as a family and eat really delicious food. Plus, four day weekend, for the ones of us who work those kinds of jobs.

It's my favorite holiday! I'm taking a little break from cooking a ton. The table is beautifully set and decorated. We're trying not to forget to wish all the people for whom we care a happy Thanksgiving. Most importantly, we let everyone know how very thankful we are for so very much.

I love Thanksgiving! Fall weather! Harvest festival. No worry about other people's religious holidays. No worries about the annual greed-fest. A FOUR DAY WEEKEND! Truly a lovely family holiday. 

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