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Thanksgiving breakfast at my Grandmother's house

 Before our guests arrived, we spent the majority of the time cleaning the house and getting the food ready while listening to Christmas music coming from our Alexa. It was mostly my sister and my mom who did the cooking; they made the turkey, the cranberry sauce, and the bundt cake. I helped clean the house with my dad, as well as make the stuffing.

Soon the guests finally came. It was my (former) Russian teacher, my dad's colleague from work, and their kids. The celebration was awesome. It was such a warm moment, us gathering together for a nice meal and happy conversations. I went downstairs and played Wii with the kids, and I also said grace both in English and Russian before we all dug in. The food was great! Our guests also brought Olivye salad, and kvass. My homeschool teacher was only there for a few minutes to drop by some extra food as she was going to another Thanksgiving celebration with her relatives.

The two downsides that this Thanksgiving had is that we couldn't watch the parade on Times Square, because we don't have live TV anymore. Also, we watched some movie that had something to do with the Arabian Nights together which was interesting, but lasted three freaking hours! Otherwise, it was awesome.

Thanksgiving breakfast at my Grandmother's house. About 10 a.m.; not so early that we felt like we had to rush to get out of bed, and not so late that we wouldn't have room for a feast later. There was bacon, sausage, and ham; scrambled eggs, mixed fruit, and my grandmother's homemade pancakes straight off of the griddle. We ate and told stories. My mother's boyfriend decided not to come, which was a relief, and everybody had the grace not to comment on how relived they were.

After that we went to my wolf's mother's house for their family feast. All the traditional fixings: turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole. I was asked to do the sweet potatoes and decided to roast them instead of the usual candied recipe. They were delicious, and so was everything else. The turkey was perfect, the company excellent, and we ate "like warlords", as the wolf likes to say.

Two days later we used the leftovers for "Empty- Out-The-Fridge Thanksgiving Pizza", and it was amazing.

I place way too much importance on meeting professional performers, even if they are performerd most people have never heard of. I met such a person at Thanksgiving, and I was thrilled.

An ex-girlfriend of mine (who is now a very good friend, but not a romantic friend) asked if she could have Thanksgiving at my house this year, because her place was too small for all the guests she wanted. I said that would be fine, although I did not know most of the people she was inviting. One of her guests was a lovely, French speaking blonde woman, who noticed I had a poster from the "Once More With Feeling" episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in one of the rooms. She said she had a small role in Joss Whedon's film of "MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.".

I remembered that scene. She and her sister were magical. It was a dream like moment in the film. I was so impressed that the magical trapeze woman from "MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING" was actually in my house.

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