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So my cousin's husband kindly told us they booked us a room at a nearby hotel

 My cousin's husband said our New England bodies are probably not used to rich, buttery, southern cooking and said we should drink lots of water and try and rest. And so we took our baby into the guest room to lay down and the room spun. We both kept getting sick.

My cousin at this time is now freaking out because we are grossly ill, and they have a newborn in the house. Our baby seemed to be fine other than the diaper issues. Luckily my parents were also in WV at my aunt and uncle's house so my mom said she 'd take our baby so we could try and rest. Tim kept telling me we couldn't get sick anymore or my cousin was going to kick us out (understandably of course). I tried to take deep breaths and not move. It did not work. Thank goodness for the bucket next to my side of the bed.

So my cousin's husband kindly told us they booked us a room at a nearby hotel. So Tim pretty much carried me to the car, even though he was deathly ill and I begged him to take me to the ER. I was dramatically dying lol He asked if I could just try and sleep at the hotel and see how I felt in the morning. Also, side note, I totally forgot we had our sweet baby Yorkie, Summer, with us at the time too.

So, we're in our car, headed to the hotel and Summer is in the backseat. Tim asked me to wait in the car while he checks in. I realized Summer probably hadn't been out potty since the beginning of all of this so I tried to muster up strength to open my door and hold her leash to see if she 'd just go potty in the parking lot. Just grabbing her leash, not even opening the door, and blah ... good thing for the bucket again!

Tim came back and carried me to the hotel bedroom. At some point in my delerious state, I do remember he managed to take her outside and get sick simotaneously.

The next 12 hours were a blur of Gatorade, getting sick and maybe one cracker. Then my mom called and informed me they had to bring our baby back to us because his little cousins at the house for Thanksgiving part two were really sick and he shouldn't be around them in case it's something different from what we and he already had.

So she brings him to the hotel and by some miracle, he was the perfect little baby for the entire day and night. He watched Disney, slept and was just ideal. Our little dog also just curled up at the end of the bed and was perfect. Tim and I slept, made sure our baby was good and drank Gatorade.

The next day, day three of this awfulness, we decided we were going to attempt to go home. Worst drive of my life and poor Tim! I just tried to sleep the whole time, casually sipping on Gatorade or 7up.

A few miles before home Tim said we should try and eat something light because we hadn't really eaten anything in days. We managed something super light from Panera, got home and went to bed.

We were informed the entire WV family and my dad got deathly ill as well. Worst sickness ever. Found out it was a nurovirus outbreak, probably starting at the Sheets food intake. We refer to it as Plagues-giving.

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