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Lighten up. Thanksgiving can be a bit overwhelming, but relax we'll ace i

To put people into the mood to shop. Macy's dept store started the tradition to usher in the season, and promote shopping at their store. Rival store Gimbel's couldn't let that cut into their sales, so they put one on too. And so goes history.

Even if you are a social butterfly or a social bull, getting the attire of a perfect host sure needs some preps! Especially when it is big an occasion like Thanksgiving, you definitely need to drill some nerves to get things done right. Ah, forget it! Even if you have been hosting a Thanksgiving party for years, you 'd need to walk through these knacks to be super-awesome!

Lighten up. Thanksgiving can be a bit overwhelming, but relax we'll ace it!

Lets kick start with some high-five fun! Send a personalized invite to your guest. Go bizarre, wild and crazy. If you are a lover of the themed parties, don't give up on the idea. And when they knock at your door, let them be taken aback with the hints of the show to fall on the way.

Decor your home-- You can't throw a Thanksgiving party with your haven looking dull! Add some Thanksgiving feel to your house. Chip in a lot of orange, yellow, red and even purple color. Give a good show of some decorative turkeys, fall leaves, cornucopias and candles. Don't forget to lighten up the mood with the subtlety of scented candles.

Foodie matters- For this, you need to get your ass moving quite some days before. You can't afford to have a panic attack. Make a list of things you want to serve. Deep-roasted Turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie are something that should reign the table.

While you prepare for the main dinner, make sure that you keep your guests occupied with some munching.

And never forget to serve drinks for all ages!

Keep them engaged-- It's never fair to leave your audience to die in boredom. Make room for engagements according to the age and interests. If you have kiddy guests, let them enjoy their play with some refreshing juice and crunchy snacks. And for the older folks, let them sit back and enjoy the football on a comfy couch and some nice cinnamon tea!

Never run out of food. Get them in plenty. It isn't bad if you get food from outside.

Celebrate the moment-- While you get engrossed in the hurries of cooking and feeding, don't forget to live in the moment. Sit back and sip your wine and share some laughter.

More than the food and entertainment, what really matters is you getting together with your loved ones. Make the most of it. It's okay even if you have burnt your Turkey, you can laugh over it in the next Thanksgiving.

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