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If you are lucky enough to have a family and be with them on Thanksgiving or any day, Please be greatful

Some Native Americans oppose it. They state it portrays them in a negative light, and that it is a celebration of invasion. There is some validity in that statement. But that was never the intention of the holiday nor the way we were educated to view it growing up in our homes or schools.

I have Native American Ancestory and Thanksgiving is my favorite hoilday. I have a great deal to be thankful for, and probably need a few more Thanksgivings each year.

America is a diverse nation and there are always going to be people who will complain about every hoilday we have. It is part of what makes us so good, and sometimes so bad. We don't have to enjoy and celebrate each others holidays, but we do need to respect them enough to at least be quiet about them and not be disrespectful.

Thanksgiving is, literally a celebration based on eating, it looks like all Americans could agree on setting aside a day to eat and enjoy family.No. Very small gathering here - 6 people, all tested for Covid, freshly butchered turkey rubbed with truffle butter and baked with stuffing inside full of fresh herbs from the garden, potato purée, tons of gravy made with a roux and turkey broth and herbs, roasted Brussels sprouts with maple syrup and crumbled pistachios, pumpkin cheesecake for dessert made with roasted local fresh pumpkins. To begin an apéro of walnut wine.

It's nice to take a day off and cook or eat some good food you put effort in with your. You shouldn't really have large gatherings in a pandemic such as this one. I never make turkey either becuase it isn't really environmentally friendly to kill millions of turkeys on the same day just for a tradition. I make lasagna or pie around that time because the ingedients are on sale but not necessarily on Thanksgiving day, also because most people are off from work on those days so I have the time and have people to help me.

Family and the feeling you have lwhen you are all together. I miss my family so much! They all died by the time I turned 40 and I was not lucky enough to start a family of my own.

If you are lucky enough to have a family and be with them on Thanksgiving or any day, Please be greatful.

If there are any unhealthy situations get help. If there is any pettiness, let pettiness stop for atleast this one day!

Do not to let disagreements about religion or political affiliations become more important than your love for a family member. There will always be another politician to have disagreements about, but there will never be a father, mother, brother, sister, or uncle/aunt who loves you more than you realize.

( Dogs were always welcome at out Thanksgivings! If you are a animal lover, You know they add happiness and Love and fun!).

You may love them more than you realize (your family) but may not know it until one of you is gone.

Most of the things families argue or disagree about usually seem more important in the heat of the moment! Do not let the heat of the moment ruin what could have been a treasured moment. A moment that may som eday comfort you.

As long a children are being kind and respectful, don't worry if their laughter becomes a bit too loud, these will be there memories someday. Leet them have happy ones.

Don't worry if a turkey is over cooked be thankful there is food on the table.

Be sure everyone is included in conversations and listen to everyone with interest whether they be 5 or 95.

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