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I had a stillborn child in 1989 on Thanksgiving

I was nine months pregnant waiting and one night I felt a sharp painful tug in my belly. I had a appointment with my doctor the next morning so I just waited to see him. The next day the doctor sends me for a ultrasound. I knew something was wrong because people just kept coming in and out looking at the screen. He came in and told me the baby's umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. He said there were still bubbles in the amniotic fluid from her struggling to breathe. I was 17 years old and just so numb and dumb. He gave me 24 hrs to decide if they should induce or wait for me to go into active labor. As soon as I got home I started contracting. I went in the next day Thanksgiving. I gave birth to a baby girl I named Adriana. We kept her for a few hours, they moved me to another unit so I wouldn't hear babies crying. At first we tried to make arrangements for burial but then the hospital stated I could just let them bury her. I remember feeling so disconnected, numb and shocked that I could not think.

I was young around 8 yrs old. We were clearing the table after dinner. My Grandparents were over. I picked up a large pickle jar by the top. Not knowing or checking to see if the lid was screwed on. Oops, big mistake! The lid let loose and the entire contents of that pickle jar ended up on the carpet! The lid in my hand. I distinctly remember my mom saying" never pick up anything by the lid! I helped clean up the mess. I've never picked a jar up by the lid since then. Every time I pick up a jar that vision still goes through my mind! It was 62 years ago!

I can not answer your question this way because I have never had anything except a joyful, grateful Thanksgiving. This has been true for over 80 years, no matter where I was, or with whom. The best have been with family of course. When young with my loving grandparents and parents, and then with my only family and close friends. Once I was working in the caribbbean and ate conk instead of turkey. Another time in Puerto Rico our well-meaning hosts stuffed our turkey with fish. We are still laughing over that enjoyable day. Thankful for the rum they also served. Even being alone on occasion made me grateful for my family memories. Thanksgiving is more than turkey. It is a state of mind about gratitude. It is not about shopping. It is up to each one of us whether it will be a positive experience, not circumstances. I will add that is best to keep things simple and avoid stress. Save traveling for quiet days, not holidays.

I am not certain that memory is the applicable word in this question. The question might more aptly be asking what is one's worst knowledge of Thanksgiving. That would be the lie that is with regard to the genocide of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, the theft of their lands, and the perpetual illegal appropriation of any other possessions that they had of material value. To this very day, mineral-rich lands that were set aside for surviving generations of indigenous people are being exploited for corporate greed.

The thanksgiving my 2 yr old son got hold of my gun (loaded). He came to the table with everyone there, saying" bang grandma". Needless to say i got it from both parents, grandparents, aunt's, uncle's, cousins ect ... Yes i got rid of it right away. He was reprimanded as well (never spanked) although we both deserved one. And that i say was the worst holiday ever. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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