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Halloween treats Occultism as Harmless

Sacrilegious acts, and to even offer blood sacrifices to Satan. Last year, Newscasters in numerous cities warned their viewers to guard their animals on Halloween night. Dogs and cats are thought to be the most often sacrificed animals on Halloween, and many S.P.C. A. centers will not allow black cats to be adopted until after Halloween. In rural communities, it is not uncommon for farmers to awake to find the mutilated remains of their farm animals (cows, calves, chickens, even horses) that were ritualistically slaughtered in Satanic sacrifices.

The practices that accompany such sacrificial rites are almost too revolting to believe ⎯ the drinking of animal (or human) blood and urine, the digestion of entrails and organs, orgiastic rituals, substance abuse, and something becoming more frighteningly common across the U.S. ⎯ human sacrifice. The 700 Club interviewed several people last Halloween (several of which were teenagers) who actually participated in or witnessed human sacrifices while involved in Satanism. No one scoffs at such stories anymore, as police departments around the country have had to scurry to develop a whole new field of investigation dealing with the gruesome reality of Satanic sacrifices.

Isn't is sad that while Satanists, Witches, Occultists and Police are taking Halloween very seriously, many in the church protest our "spoiling all the fun for the children," by urging Christians not to participate in it.

When Christians participate in Halloween, it sends a message to children that Witchcraft, Demonism, Satanism, and the Occult is something fun, entertaining and harmless. It gives the false impression that what is actually lethal, is innocuous! It's the spiritual equivalent of painting a loaded gun to look like a toy and giving it to a child to play with.

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