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Halloween has become an issue among Christians

Long considered harmless fun, many are now questioning its history, nature, influence and fruit. The revitalization of Satanism and Witchcraft and their obvious association with Halloween has caused Christians to wonder whether they should participate in it at all. There is no denying the bizarre and occultic nature of Halloween decorum.

But in spite of that, some Christians defend their participation in the holiday asserting their "liberty" in Christ from the bondages of "legalism", or shrugging it off as innocent fun. Many churches see the whole thing as evil and will have nothing to do with the celebration whatsoever. Others see no harm in it and participate fully, with costume parties, Halloween decorations and trick-or-treat. Still others try to find a "middle-of-the-road" approach, allowing trick-or-treat and masquerades, but as "Bible characters" instead of demonic and occult figures.

What's wrong with Halloween? And, what should be the attitude of the conscientious Christian towards it? Is it harmless, or is it sinister? The facts we present below should help you to answer that question once for all.

History traces it back to the ancient religion of the Druids, a religion so evil that Rome forbad its practice. The AMERICAN PEOPLES ENCYCLOPEDIA explains: "The origin of Halloween customs antedate Christianity. The Druids, members of pagan orders in Britain, Ireland and Gaul, held a celebration on October 31st, the eve of the Festival of Samhain. It was a night of ghosts and fairies, in which bonfires were built and futures were foretold and witches rode through the sky.".

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