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Considering it's not Thanksgiving yet

Best way is to have a lifestyle of good exercise and fairly healthy eating, then a few cheat days don't really have much of an impact. Or at least, start exercising and eating right a couple months before the holidays. When the holidays come you will be fitter and probably have a more revved up metabolism. Enjoy the holidays, but no need to gorge yourself. And keep up with the exercise, with an extra cardio day per week. Remember, it is much easier to keep at a target weight than to do that see-saw of gain-lose-gain-lose.

To avoid gaining weight in between the holidays you ask about, you do the same things as on all the other days of the year that keep your weight stable. You only eat the number of calories of food and drink that your body needs.

You can increase your physical activity to compensate for the excesses of the season, but it is harder to lose weight by exercise than by diet control.

You can be strategic about it and start the extra exercise long before the holidays so it is like paying your credit card before you spend the money on something.

Considering it's not Thanksgiving yet, I'll presume you are expecting to eat as much as you please & therefore you expect to gain weight. The easiest way is not to eat so much- you can still eat alot of turkey & some veggies & not gain weight.

But if you must, my guess is if you overindulge by 7000 calories that's two pounds- so you'll need to cut that much on the back end - so if you have no problem doing that, fine- but wouldn't it be easier to just practice a bit of self control on the front end?

Burning it off, do some cardio excersies. Making a daily routine off doing excersies is a better plan. But thanks giving won't make u gain any more weight than you already had. Hope this answer helps!

I believe there are only 2 countries that celebrate "Thanksgiving." The USA and Canada. However, my understanding is that many countries and province/territory/region have Harvest Festivals which is/are the basis of the North American Thanksgiving.

In my family we celebrate with the traditional turkey, however, most of the accompanying dishes are "ethnic" from Hungary. Cheega soup, a wet dressing (not a dry stuffing), steamed cauliflower with a sour cream based sauce, vinegar-cucumber salad, and the desserts ... ummm, dessert.

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