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What is Vin Diesel's best film?

 Vin Diesel (Marc Sinclair ) can actually act. In fact, he can write too. When he started his career he was a more well rounded talent, more like a young Silvester Stalone. He was muscled, but not overly so. He wrote and acted in some short film projects where he played mostly ‘normal’ guys. Vin Diesel is mixed with half black and half white genetics. His mother is a white half German and half Scottish women.

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Now, this is the area where all the controversy is regarding Vin diesel’s heritage. Vin Diesel’s real biological father, which is also the man he never knew that he somehow he eventually discovered information about, is a black African American man. Vin Diesel’s adoptive father, the man who married his mother and raised him along with his mother, is a Caucasian white male (this is Vin Diesel’s step dad). So, Vin Diesel was technically raised by his step dad who portrays to be his real biological father which is understandable, but is not technically the case. But who wants to claim someone as a family member who was never part of their lives right? I know I wouldn’t.

To me, and according to Vin Diesel and what he reported in his biography across all social media platforms, his father was white as this is the man who cared for him and loved him. You have to honor and respect that.

Vin Diesel's mother's background consists of English, German and Scottish. Although he has never met his father, he has said that his parents could of been arrested due to Anti-miscegenation laws so that basically means his father was African-American.

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