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What is something you notice in K-pop a lot?

 I have known about kpop since psy’s gangnam style in 2012, got to know about bts in 2016, actually started stanning them in 2019 and started listening to kpop in the same year. these are some things I have noticed in kpop:

1- the portryal of kpop idols. kpop idols are portrayed to the audience in such a way that you feel some sort of connection with them. this doesn’t happen with western singers. you watch these idols, feeling like you know everything about them and like they’re close to you. If there is a day you don’t get some content from them, you start missing them. this is because of excellent marketing strategies of kpop companies.

kpop has a unique sound than western pop. I can’t really explain how but whenever you hear a kpop song, you know it is a kpop song. you must be thinking, it is because of korean language. but no, kpop songs have a unique sound to it. when sometimes a kpop song sounds like a western song, you can recognize it. for example: what you waiting for by somi

a rivalry or a competition between big kpop companies. being from the same country, having the same language, same genre, we should expect them to spread kpop around the world together. but it’s just the complete opposite. I will take the example of bts and blackpink. both these groups act like they don’t exist in each other’s lives making sure not to give any promotion to each other. how bighit decided to release bts’ songs right on the days of blackpink’s comebacks this year. not once, not twice but THREE times. bighit really did bts dirty on this one.

the ole of social media in the popularity of kpop. If there was no social media, it is unlikely (not impossible) that we would be listening to kpop today. this is one of the first things I noticed when i got into kpop.

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