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Shawn Mendes overrated

 He started off on vine and got popular overnight and then started making YouTube videos until he was signed with Island Records. Each of his albums has something special to it. Handwritten showcases his pure, innocent voice and the slower songs. Illuminate showcases his high vocals and power in his voice. Shawn Mendes the album showcases his falsetto voice and the more pop side to him. If you listen to more than just the popular songs you’d see that there’s more. There are so many songs that fans relate to. If you listen closely to all his songs they all have a meaning. His unpopular songs are the best. I suggest listening to No Promises, Bad Reputation, and Honest.

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Overall he’s just a great person. He pays attention to his fans and makes it vocal that he loves and cares for them and that he wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for them.To be completely honest, any musician that is hailed as the best or defining artist of their generation or genre, is almost always highly overrated and open to more than a few aspects of criticism. Shawn Mendes is no exception.

His music in question is nothing more than the common style of soft-pop with a twang of acoustic instrumental added to give the appearance that it’s something different when his lyrical content proves otherwise. Constantly his songs deal with the same motifs about heart-break, teenage relationship, and falling love that are ever prevalent in the modern world of pop, but with Mendes’ own signature style of acoustic guitar and slow beats for added effect. Essentially he’s in a genre of his own, which I don’t say as a compliment since if I were to name this genre it would akin the likes of cheap-blues, fake-folk, etc. He’s almost made a mockery of other classic artists such as Eric Clapton and Ricky Nelson.

On another hand Mendes is entirely over-marketed. People may say he’s in it for the music and not the money, but a quick look onto his official website store would prove otherwise. $200 basic concert tickets? $10 Official Shawn Mendes Shoelaces? $25 Official Shawn Mendes Beanie? A $40 stuffed lion? His own fragrance line? In short, any argument concerning his charitable acts or personal remarks regarding his financial stance on the music industry, can quickly be shut down for the fact that most middle-class family’s would go bankrupt buying half on Mendes’ merchandise + concert tickets.

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