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 If a UDP port scan reveals a vulnerability that allows you a root shell, the firewall is not "pretty good" as they state in the first part though.

wouldn't a quantum-temporal mainframe just be how time flows within sub-molecular systems? ie exactly the same as how time flows normally?

I see what you mean, but even with that addition, it definitely still needs some rephrasing to make sense...and even more rephrasing for it to be something a security expert would actually say.

I’m afrad to ask, but isn’t this fairly accurate? Especially for this franchise! They’re basically stating someone blocked all tcp but left an exposed UDP root shell running somewhere on an important… nevermind, got it.

Yeah but having root access just sitting there for the taking on an open port isn't "pretty good" or "perfect."

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Now, if an open port allowed the attacker to talk to a running process with some shitty restricted user access, which they then used to find and exploit a vulnerability, allowing them to escalate privilege and pop open a root shell...that would be a "pretty good" (but not "perfect") firewall.

I dont get it. There are some hacking techniques 10 times cooler than these movie things and they are actually useful. Why cant the producers of such a big movie just hire someone who can tell them what is rediculous and what not.

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