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Clint Eastwood turns 91 today, and it deserves commemorating the truth that this Hollywood legend is still turning out operate at a faster clip and higher quality than virtually any individual in business. Granted, prolific doesn't constantly imply much better, as well as it can be annoying to see his fans welcome every brand-new film as a fresh masterpiece, when only a portion of them truly should have the title. Yet consider that considering that the turn of the century, he has actually provided us 17 movies including "Mystic River," "Million Buck Child," "Letters from Iwo Jima" and "American Sniper" (the latter gained over half a billion dollars, infant).

Five decades ago this year, Clint Eastwood made his directorial launching in "Play Misty for Me," and for a time, he was dismissed as one of those "stars that guides"-- a contemptuous label usually added dilettantes that got the job done simply when, like Marlon Brando (with "One-Eyed Jacks") or Steven Seagal ("On Deadly Ground").

A lot of filmmakers shed their touch past a certain age. Clint Eastwood That's why Quentin Tarantino has actually vowed to call it quits after his 10th movie, for anxiety that he can not maintain the high quality in time. Yet Eastwood ain't going anywhere, like a gunslinger with an apparently endless supply of ammunition, still shooting nevertheless these years.

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