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 New York Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar T Shirt  appeared to escape serious injury on Monday night after taking a 95 mph fastball to the face during his team’s victory over the Atlanta Braves.

With the bases loaded in the seventh, Pillar was hit square in the face by the fastball from Jacob Webb. The veteran outfielder was knocked to the ground with blood pouring from his nose.

Thanks to everyone that has reached out! Scary moment but I’m doing fine!” he posted.

Kevin Pillar T Shirt  players, including Webb, watched the scene in shock. As members of the Atlanta grounds crew covered the blood left in the batter’s box area, Webb was removed from the game.

This guy is a warrior,” Rojas said after the game, via News12’s Kevin Maher. “He shows up every day to play hard. You guys saw him, he got up on his feet and he left. There’s no chance I thought he’d be able to do that after I saw the ball hit him in the face. He got up and he left, that’s at least one positive to see.”

Kevin Pillar Covered injury actually helped his team to a victory over their NL East rivals as, with the bases loaded, the automatic walk drove in a run. “You never want to see anyone get hit in the face or in the head by a ball, especially coming at that velocity,” said Mets pitcher Taijuan Walker. “Pillar is a tough guy. It’s just one of those things where you just shake your head and you’re sick to your stomach.

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