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T Shirts Ark Survival Evolved

 Ark Survival Evolved

The event runs February 11 through February 18, and it isn't drastically different from the ARK events many players have likely participated in over the years. Just like the Love Evolved event that occurred last year, survivors will be tasked with fishing for a special brand of Coelacanth that have hearts hovering over their heads. Doing so offers Chibis, Valentines Dino Candy and Box o' Chocolates. The last two items on that list can be used to craft a wide variety of skins during the event period, while Dino Candy offers the possibility of special creature colors as long as the event is active.

How to get Wishbones and kill Super Turkeys

Just like previous years of Turkey Trial, the main currency players must collect is Wishbones. To get Wishbones you must fight Super Turkeys scattered across the map. These large birds are pretty much everywhere, but they're most plentiful around the coastal areas where you'd typically find Dodos

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