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Funny Sarcastic I Just Be Knowing Shit T Shirt

 Funny Sarcastic I Just Be Knowing Shit 

Being funny is a boon. When you have a good sense of humour, you can easily impress people with your charm and can lighten up any situation. But not everyone is blessed with this innate understanding of good humour.

Some people no matter how hard they try can’t seem to hit the right chord, while others are effortlessly funny. These people are inherently hilarious and have an impeccable sense of humour. So here are 4 such zodiac signs who don’t have to put much effort into being funny and can easily tickle people’s funnybones.

Funny Sarcastic I Just Be Knowing Shit T Shirt

There are things you can say and things you can’t.

Knowing the line that separates the two is critical for anybody in the media, even if that line shifts like a wind-blown sand dune. Actually, knowing the line is critical for anybody with a job, media or elsewhere.

‘‘Congress shall make no law . . . abridging freedom of speech or of the press,’’ the First Amendment says.

But guess what? That’s our government, not regular, private-sector businesses and employers. All you chatty, opinionated working folks, take note.

When popular Chicago sportscaster Mark Giangreco was suspended — with his ouster soon to follow — by ABC7 after making a joking on-air suggestion that news anchor Cheryl Burton could ‘‘play the ditzy, combative interior decorator’’ on the fantasy DIY television show he was envisioning, you wondered about a lot.

The evening’s most leftfield act is young Irishman Michael Stranney, with a set in the Spike Milligan tradition about his huge family and his dad’s job as a door-to-door door salesman. We also get the relative veteran Jayde Adams, driven by quarantine into fantasies about killing her partner – although the outre setups tend towards trad punchlines. “I’m not going to bury him under the patio, I’m going to make him lay it.”

The best line is Toussaint Douglass’s teasing little number about the child he’s planning with his white partner: “We all know who puts the cute into a mixed-race baby…” Douglass packs a lot into those few words: a handy skill to have if you’ve got only seven minutes to make a mark. The last year of these acts’ nascent careers may have been fraught – but their futures look brighter.

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