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 10 people dead, including police officer, after shooting at Colorado grocery store

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The officer, Eric Talley, 51, an 11-year veteran of the Boulder police force, was the first officer to arrive at the King Soopers grocery store Monday afternoon, Police Chief Maris Herold said. He had been dispatched after gunfire was reported, she said.

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Herold provided no details about the other victims. She said a suspect who was injured in the shooting is in custody. She didn't provide details about a potential motive.

Earlier, a police commander, Eric Yamaguchi, said there was no ongoing threat. He said it was unclear whether the person had a connection to King Soopers.

Dean Schiller said he was outside the store when he heard gunfire and saw three people who appeared to have been injured. Two were outside, he said. The other was inside.

An employee from the store told him a shooter was inside.

I'm incredibly grateful to the brave men and women who have responded to the scene to help the victims of this senseless tragedy," he said.

A White House official told NBC News that the administration was monitoring the situation. The official said they expect that President Joe Biden will be briefed again Tuesday morning.

The president was due to leave the White House on Tuesday afternoon for a pair of events in Columbus, Ohio, as part of the “Help is Here” tour promoting the American Rescue Plan.











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