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 Cherry print Tshirt 

With everyone preoccupied on whether movie theaters will survive the pandemic, it’s easy to miss the streaming revolution happening right beneath our feet: Netflix and Hulu aren’t the game’s only big-money players anymore. Knowing this town ain’t big enough for all of them, the new kids on the block are making plays , Cherry, will be the hook that brings people in, and it might – knowing it’s from the directors of Avengers: Endgame and stars Marvel’s current Spider-Man, Tom Holland, is a draw for many. But I can say fairly confidently it won’t be the thing that keeps people from bailing after the free trial.

 cherry print One person I don’t hold at all responsible is Tom Holland, who delivers a committed performance that, despite everything working against him, manages to occasionally reach us through the fog. His character’s pain comes through in small moments of body language, such as the panicked way he holds up a bank, or in glances, like the concern for Emily in his eyes as he wakes from a nightmare that still grips and shakes his body. That he is not enough to carry the viewing experience is no fault of his talent, and I look forward to seeing him take on more roles in this vein (and that of The Devil All the Time). A far more open question, however, is whether the Russo brothers can handle this type of material as successfully as they do superhero blockbusters and TV comedies. And for those reading this after they decided to get Apple TV+, I recommend starting Ted Lasso – it will cure whatever disappointment Cherry has left you with.  

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